FREE WORKSHEET: Researching Your Digital Presence

You may remember that WAY BACK in August, we let you download our Social Media Glossary for free. (If you didn't grab it, it's available here

This Glossary was a tiny introduction into the A&D brains, and hopefully gave you a little context into the world of digital marketing. Even if you just bookmarked it as a reference tool, it's certainly hand to have. 

It's now the end of October (WHAT?!) so we thought it was about time to send you the next steps...

Researching your Online Presence. We're all guilty of googl-ing ourselves occaisionlly, but have you done it recently and objectively? 

Take a look at this worksheet, how comfortable does the findings make you? Are you proud, cringing, or still in the dark?

(Click To Download)

(Click To Download)

If you've done the worksheet and come out more confused than ever, terrified about the amount of work there is to do, or simply ready and raring to go,  The Social Collective with A&D is for you. 

In three months, you will go through all our key lessons on digital marketing, from developing your brand to Instagram and SEO, all in a structured, supportive environment.

This is us, giving you the tools to go it alone. We'll coach you along and share all of the skills we have developed over 6 years of growing and launching businesses online, with tips and tricks we've picked up by experience along the way.

The Social Collective is a small community of like minded entrepreneurs looking to develop their digital marketing through an intensive e-course.

It is designed for:

  • Small business owners looking to uplevel their digital marketing efforts, grow their reach and convert their fans into customers.
  • Virtual and Admin Assistants wanting to polish their skill-set, hone their offerings and get down with the digital.
  • Anybody wanting to grow their accounts, create a fan base and engage effectively with brands. Maybe you're a blogger looking for outreach programmes, an athlete hoping for sponsorship or a band wanting to sell out your gigs 


Sound like you?

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