How to Beat the Instagram Shadowban

Have you heard about the reported Shadowban that's allegedly doing the rounds on Instagram? 

Well thanks to a new, aggressive, algorithm aimed to tackle spam-bots, accounts all over the world, both business and personal, are being HIDDEN from external users when searched for. That means unless a user directly follows you, they won't see your posts. 

What does that mean? 

  • Less Reach
  • Less Impressions
  • Less Engagement
  • Less Visibility! 

For businesses and communities online who reply on their instagram feeds to connect with their community, that could be devastating!

Last week, the A&D account was hit HARD. We went from a 150+ engagement rate to just 10 overnight. It's like we were invisible, and the panic set in. Our business is ON social media!  What had gone wrong? Would we lose all of our clients?

Fortunately due to the way we manage these accounts... we know exactly why our account was affected, and our clients' weren't. We have the stats, the strategies and the systems to keep our clients from losing touch with their following and we picked things back up again right where we left off. 

If you're freaking out about this affecting you and how detrimental it could be, calm down and make sure you're doing these 5 simple things:

  1. Stop copying and pasting your hashtags. Do your research, be specific and find your target audience. 
  2. Mix it up a bit. Post organically - try different times of the day and don't look too robotic! 
  3. Take it easy on the automation. As above, make sure your scheduling tool isn't breaking Instagram's terms of service and don't even think about automating likes/comments! 
  4. Don't abuse Instagram's hourly and daily limits. Try not to exceed 150 likes, 60 comments and 60 follows/unfollows per hour.
  5. Take a break! 48 hours of down time can give your account time to settle. Switch off, and have some time off-screen.

So.. if you want to talk to us about how you can be sure to stay on top of those fickle Instagram algorithms and keep growing your accounts withengaged followers, grab a Social Activator Session with us today. 

Simply pick a time to suit you and we will spend 2 hours, 1-2-1, giving you the low down on how you can kick ass on social media.

We will get to grips with your social media woes, fast-track your marketing and accelerate your campaigns. Ask us all your questions, and we'll set you on the right path to see results immmediately.


Laura Cutress