How to Define Your Brand - Checklist

What does your brand say about you?

We've packed off lots of clients on their summer holidays this month, and feel very lucky to be trusted with their brands whilst they are away. 

Which made us think - what does your brand say about you? How clear is it? How can you be sure that it portrays you and your business accurately? 

Take a look at the check-list below. Are you and your team clear on these elements?

  1. Who you are - Who are you and what can you offer?
  2. Brand Statement -What is your mission?
  3. Tagline - Summarise the above!
  4. Logo + reverse logos - suitable for all media
  5. Colour Pallette - Which colours represent you?
  6. Typeography - And fonts?
  7. Elements & Icons - Any flourishes, graphics or icons that sit alongside your logo
  8. Voice, diction & tone - How do you sound?
  9. Digital Media Content & Hashtags - Does this pull through to your digital marketing?
  10. Imagery - What pictures and content are representative of your business?
  11. Patterns & Textures - Backgrounds and aesthetics
  12. Props & Styling - Is there a style you'd like to adhere to?
  13. Media Templates and Layouts - Graphics for social media, website and print

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