You know that being online is crucial to growing your business, but is anyone really listening out there? Or are you just shouting into the void?

At Anchor & Dash, we excel at calming the storm and turning your specialism into a brand message to be proud of. We’ll get you in front of your ideal clients and make sure you’re communicating with them in a way that resonates.

You focus on your thing, and we’ll focus on ours.

In a complicated world, simplicity speaks volumes.

This is the ultimate pep-talk and kick up the bum you need to present your brand to the world with a grin. You'll be confident that EVERYTHING you put out there is so on point, your ideal clients are going to sit up and listen. You tell us your wishes, and we'll work with you to match those beautiful brand stories to the people that make your heart sing. 

The Service

Firstly, it’s a service, not a package. It’s an ongoing conversation, not a series of scheduled Skype calls.

We’ll work collaboratively with you. We want to hear your story and your goals and share pearls of wisdom from our years in the digital marketing game. We’re a team. When you sign up, we sign up as the Chewbacca to your Han Solo (but with better hair, obvs).

Once we get under the skin of you and your business, we start building your personal digital strategy from the ground up. We’ll begin with your core values, your aims and your ideal client and work our way towards composing your key messages and your online voice.

Then we translate all of that into a comprehensive marketing plan strategy that’s so good you’ll want to take it to bed with you!

And voila! You’ve got a confident, engaging online presence, you’re feeling organised and in control and you know what your next steps are. Congratulations on completing the voyage - now get out there and grow your business!


The Voyage Itinerary

  • We’ll kick off with a 1:1 First Class VIP Day where we’ll work together to get really clear on all the essentials: who you are, the core of your brand and the kind of client you want. (NB: International clients can split this over 3 x 2 hour skype sessions)

  • You’ll go away with our custom workbooks filled with ideas and action points, ready to set those wheels in motion.

  • We’ll follow up with 2 x 90min Skype calls to check in, troubleshoot and really polish your presence. We’ll hold your hand but also ask you to really step into your new confidence, so be prepared to feel inspired!

  • You’ll then receive your fully comprehensive brand and marketing strategy PDF, written by us as your indispensable go-to guide.

  • You’ll be welcomed into our Social Collective Group on Facebook for life where other business leaders will cheer on your newly defined brand. Plus A&D will always be there to answer your future queries and questions. What can we say? We’re the support that just won’t stop.

Ready to embark?

Investment : £1500. (Or 3 x £500 if you wanna spread it out. We’re nice like that)


Wanna do the whole shebang but without a VIP day/ Skype calls? 

DIY with workbooks and lifetime FB group: £419