When are you going to stop playing at social media and start taking it seriously?

You are clear on what you want, and we can assist you elevate your business from start-up to sought after - helping you feel proud of your offerings and enabled to develop. You will become:

  • Clear on what’s working and where to focus
  • Confident that your brand is being portrayed creatively and your mission accurately, attracting your ideal client. 
  • Organised, supported and prepared to manage your marketing campaigns. 

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This package is required for real growth. It's for you if you want to upgrade your digital marketing efforts, are ready to understand your return of investment and further establish your brand with a confident online presence. You are ready to share your message, want to grow your online community and feel in control and organised.
You are: 
> Busy! It's post and go in your world
> Not sure if your posts are being seen by the right people
> Feeling stagnant, your account growth has slowed down and your engagement has stalled
> Ready to get serious about your social marketing and create a fan base

From £99 per month we can work with you on the following: 

  • Essential Reporting - For just £99 p/m we can run your social media analytics for you and present them in a useful infographic so you can see exactly what’s working… and where to focus. You will identify your strengths and weaknesses and be armed with the knowledge to continue improving. This includes 3 social media channels, but upgrade at £10 an account for more, including Facebook Ads, Google Analytics & Console.  N.B. This package is automatically included in all 8+ hour Smooth Sailing Contracts.


  • Quick Start Consulting - We will deliver your analytics as above, alongside our guidance and advice for you to action. You will be ready and armed with an action plan so that you are focussed on your campaigns. £199 p/m


  • On Demand Genius - This is the whole strategy shebang. For 3 months, you get: A starter Social Activator + Quick Start Consulting + fortnightly Skype meetings to keep you on track.  We are on call for the whole 3 months to support, advise, and generally be your marketing sounding board. You will also receive monthly analytics reporting and personal feedback so that you are confident to proceed. 3 month package: £750 (payable in one or 3 x £275)

FYI. There's no minimum contract here. A one off is good with us!